Just stop

Just stop

2 chapters / 79 words

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3 months ago Alecia Walls said:

wow, that was really good can't wait for more


3 months ago •Jinghay• said:


Can't blame that on auto-correct... wrote it myself *sigh*


3 months ago •Jinghay• said:

Aww I want to read more... I feel so sad write now

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3 months ago Foxy The Neko Fox said:

That was the plan! glad it got through to somebody. I'm trying to raise awareness for not straight people, because I'm about as straight as a circle and alot of my friends are the same way.


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3 months ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Shut up, Lesbian(,)” (a) boy whose name… If the attribution comes after with the way someone says something, it’s actually not a period, it would be a comma.

Lesbian!” (a)nother yelled … if the attribution includes the way someone say something you treat the ! as if it were a comma.

AH! Chapter 2 is locked….

I would like some more detail about how she’s feeling…You need to be in a really dark place to start cutting…so Yes those comments are SORTA mean, but we don’t know the way the character is taking it unless you tell us…what is the emotion that she’s feeling before she takes out the razor. Should I sympathize or empathize with her? Or should I just read the lines as if I were the character…because being called a name, wouldn’t affect me enough to start cutting…how long has this been going on?.. I can only conclude from what I’ve read cause I can’t get to chapter two.

Great premise and start. I do love, however, how short and sweet chapter 1 was! It caused me to ask all these questions that I can't know the answers to unless I read the next chapter. Great job!