Emma's Poetry Collection

Emma's Poetry Collection

3 chapters / 208 words

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Read my poetry here! These are all based off of my true feelings and life stories.



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8 months ago Audie White said:

I really liked the deep feelings you were able to portray through poetry. It's a tricky genre to grasp, but the word choice was fantastic. Not only that, you managed to make everything rhyme without it sounding forced. Great job!


9 months ago NF Kris said:

Your most recent poem was really touching and beautiful. Keep it up!

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9 months ago Coral Vaci said:

I read all three poems you have up and they are all really good! I like how simple they are. Keep it up!! :D :D


9 months ago NF Kris said:

I loved poem #3. It sort of tells a little story in a poem version, with emotional feeling in it, which is something that makes It relatable for the reader. I really love your style and I look forward to more like this :) Keep it up!

-NF Kris


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8 months ago Noceurx said:

Suggestions are merely suggestions so don't feel obliged to listen :) Any corrections made will be shown in brackets.


I can really relate to this poem and I think you do a wonderful job at getting your emotions across. Your words flow well which make the sad tone in the beginning easier to get through. I thought the best part was how you introduce a contrast at the end by introducing hope and reminding readers that negative emotions won't last forever.

-"Unhappiness[,] anxiety..." It's hard to critique poetry as the rules are so loose and everyone has their own styles, but I'm still pretty sure this doesn't call for a semicolon...? Sorry if I'm wrong!! You can just ignore it if I am, of course.

-"'So bad that we hear wails', / Not all the story of my life..." To me, the way this is worded is a little odd. Maybe try writing it as "Not [always] the story of my life"...?


I don't have any suggestions for this poem. I found myself trying to analyze it in a handful of different ways, but that didn't really matter. When it comes down to it, this is was a very well-written poem. I found the premise very intriguing and I loved the atmosphere of it! Additionally, kudos to you for making rhyme work! I know many people who find it hard to write poetry with a rhyme scheme and not wind up with a cheesy outcome.


Wait...have all your poems had a rhyme scheme thus far?? *goes back to check on the first poem* Oh well would you look at that...you did. Wow, it flowed so well that I barely noticed! I realy enjoyed this poem as well! It felt like I was reading a story. That's so sad she was left behind o.o The end was also a bit abrupt, but it works.

-"Thought they would have more thought..." I don't really like the use of "thought" twice in one line, but I don't really know how I would change it either v.v


This poem was a little surprising for me to read as it was quite different from the first few. It certainly stands out. It feels a lot more raw and straightforward, and I'm not quite sure what else I can say about it. It left me with many conflicting feelings, something I find to be a good trait in poems ^-^

-"Then I cried and / What if you were gone?" I don't think the "and" is necessary and could be omitted.

-"Said[,] '[W]hat the heck is wrong[?]'"

-"'...Please come home[,]' / I said to God above..."

OVERALL: Each and every single one of your poems were a pleasure to read! Sorry my comments on them were a bit repetitive though ^^; Emotions are definitely your strong suit. This is an amazing collection you have started here and I'm sure the rest of your poems to come will only get better and better ^0^ Happy writing!


9 months ago Ana G. said:

(For a swap) It's really good! I like it. You have a very good choice with words and your poems aren't 'chunky'. They flow very well.Keep up the hard work!

∞Ana G.