Figment Is Dying.

Figment Is Dying.

1 chapter / 464 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Figment is dying! if you care at all about this site read this. if you want it on your page, tell me and I will send this to you





8 months ago Token Nerd said:

It's true ;-; I'll try getting some of my friends to join. It's really upsetting that Figment is so underrated, it's such a wonderful place!


8 months ago MidnightOWolf said:

No! Figment can't die! I love this site too much!!

The fatal mistake legal

8 months ago Isabel S. said:

Yeah, poor Figment. It's tough, having to fight for the survival of everything on your own. I wonder if there's a way to get the Moderators or Admins to read this...


8 months ago •Jinghay• said:

No... I only joined figment recently but it already means a lot to me :(


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