The Evasive Homicide

The Evasive Homicide

3 chapters / 5604 words

Approximately 28 minutes to read


When Amara's father has to leave the country to find a job in Russia, he does not know what to do with Amara. Amara is motherless and he does not wish to leave her in the hands of the housekeeper all year, so he plans on sending her to live with her Aunt in America. When Amara leaves London on a cruise ship that will take her to the U.S., she gets tangled into a plotted murder, a gang, and a whole novel of mystery.

Will Amara uncover the mystery or will it continued to be covered in conceit and lies?



2 months ago •Jinghay• said:

I absolutely adore this so far! I love your writing and can't wait for the next update! Great job!

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3 months ago kiribogle79 said:

Sorry I didn't read sooner! I've been busy making my own stories. Sorry!


3 months ago L.Greene said:

This is amazing

Awesome fire tiger wallpaper!!!!

3 months ago Reese Reynolds said:

Thank you so much, guys! :) In answer to Alexia's question, I should be uploading the next chapter some time this afternoon. And again, thank you all for reading!




2 months ago Kiamesha Denise Sims said:

A great start. The relationship between Amara and her father is so precious! What happened to her mother? Did she die? If so, how? Did she leave? If so, why? Why does Amara hate her aunt? Maybe because it reminds her of her mother? How is she gonna handle staying with her aunt for longer than she wants? I feel that her father is hiding something? Not sure what it is or why? (plottwist).


3 months ago Eowyn Doyle *hiatus* said:

I like it so far! The first chapter is very well written; I found one thing I would give advice on.


1)How does Amara feel about Ms. Peters acting like her mother? You don’t really describe her emotions a lot, though you are great at letting the readers know how the other characters are feeling.

Seriously, that is the only thing: emotion descriptions of the main character. You are very good at scenery and character descriptions. You also avoid the overuse of ‘said’. You set up the characters personalities well and you don’t drag out the introductions. I love a good mystery and I am looking forwards to seeing how the story unfolds from here.