Am I good enough?

Am I good enough?

1 chapter / 192 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


this is about a young girl who's father is neglective.


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6 days ago •Jinghay's Winging Life• said:

How do you get it so painfully spot on...


6 days ago Audie White said:

I really enjoyed how moving this was in less than two hundred words! The rhymes flowed well, and the message was profound.


21 days ago Kiki Zapotos said:

Incerbile! you reminded me of my friend. She's kinda down these days and keeps thinking about hurting herself.


21 days ago Blue said:

your words killed me.


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22 days ago Lilah said:

Wow. Holy guacamole.

This is so home hitting, I just can't-

This poem has been a great one, certainly something I will heart. But, I believe some rhyming could improve, and while it rhymed through most of it, some I didn't quite catch.

Just being honest. I'm kind of crying. You definitely know how to evoke emotion in your poems.

Shiiiiiiz man.

Keep up the good work.

I'm just gonna go dry my tears now.