6 chapters / 6539 words

Approximately 33 minutes to read


Shiloh is a werewolf who has to leave her home town,Santa Cruz to her aunt's house in Brookings,Oregon and meets another werewolf Quinn who is a really sweet guy.Will these two fall in love by the time the school year is over?What about all the notes being left behind for shiloh?Will she find her courage and stand up to her father and stepmother.


Writing, Romance, Novel


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6 months ago MJTheWriter said:

Thank you for your review but its my first non fanfiction story so yeah there would be a lot of mistakes lol


6 months ago Alecia Walls said:

Okay, I like this story or the idea of the way this story is going. I'm honestly actually working on a story about werewolves like yours too, I just haven't published mine yet, so that's cool.

You have A LOT of grammar mistakes most are small and a good look through by you or a trusted friend may do the trick....

The prologue seems kind of forced and I think it may be better to cut it out all together and just slowly explain why she's living with her aunt and about her being a werewolf....or just I don't know extend the prologue or do something to make it less forced.

I'm hearting it for the fact that looking past all this it's a very interesting story/direction and I'm sure it will turn out great!! :) If you want to ask me anything specific I didn't cover in this review about your story just comment on my profile and we'll go from there. I'll be checking to see the progress you make on the story!