Of Ash and Linen

Of Ash and Linen

5 chapters / 15717 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


A pretty, breakable object is all she has ever been. Ava knows that as the niece of the king she is regarded as somewhere between valuable and unnecessary.
There is only one thing she can do with that will be of worth: arranged marriage. Ava is sentenced to be the bride a powerful ruler, but all she can see is more of the same life: little freedom and no real say in her future.
On the journey to meet her betrothed, Ava's life begins to unravel further when she is stolen away a by a strange tribe of free men and women. They don't care that Ava is royalty, for she is nothing more than a prisoner to them.
Worst of all, their leader is by far the most dangerous man Ava has ever met, and yet the most captivating. She senses him taking root in her soul as he steals her heart piece-by-piece. Is he taking them, or is she giving them freely? As Ava’s confusion grows and her convictions falter, captivity begins to look a lot more like freedom than freedom ever did.
Eventually Ava’s responsibilities catch up to her and she is forced to make a choice. For a girl inexperienced in making her own decisions, her first choice will carry the weight of nations. Ava must sacrifice her life to save the lives of thousands, or everything she loves will burn to ash.


Adventure, Romance, Novel



12 days ago Alexis Arevalo said:

Just realized I never rated after I read. Sorry!


14 days ago Tasha said:

I see the story that I had read has actually continued but has been continued hear I hope you don't mind if I wait to read this until I have gone to bed and gotten enough sleep so as I do not make a fool out of myself with a review that may be tainted by my tired eyes


14 days ago Kylie Elaine said:

I read the first chapter and it was beautiful. Your descriptions are truly amazing and I just love your characters. I didn't find a single mistake that I could talk about, so congrats on that. I could tell you put a lot of thought into the words you use and it all flows wonderfully! Keep writing!


14 days ago Kylie Elaine said:

I am about to read this, but first I wanted to say that I love your summary. The story sounds soooooo good!



1 day ago Charming Quill said:


I think you repeat the phrase “from the north” a little bit too much in the opening paragraph. You should only say it once. The readers don’t need reminders of it.

“…the other solders…” solders should be soldiers.

“…forward after Martis fear proving to be…” I think this sentence runs a little too long. I would cut out the fear proving to be a great motivator part or separate it into another sentence.

“…jaw and glance at her…” glance should be glanced.

Other than that, I don’t have much to nitpick about this chapter. It was heart pounding when they escaped. I’m pretty sure Ava is never going to see Martis again—which is really heart breaking. In fact, it’s kind of sad all the guards up to this point have died. And I’m wondering who the guys on horseback are. Where did they come from? Why are they attacking? It keeps up the mystery of what’s happening and suspense. Overall, great chapter. I really enjoyed it.


9 days ago Tasha said:

Review of Chapter 5: I can't wait to see how this chapter goes further... It has me excited to know what comes next. Who is this man? What does he want? So many questions yet unanswered but maybe soon the answers will come.