White tiled bathroom

White tiled bathroom

1 chapter / 158 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Writing, Short Story



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about 5 years ago I.is.PJ said:

Honestly, I clicked on this writing out of pure curiosity. My mind whirled with ideas of some kind of horror story that was awaiting me, but it doesn't really fit into that category. Tragedy would be more of it's home. The emotions are strong with this writing. What I see when I read this is a emotionally broken girl who has struggled with inner torments and finally snapped on the source of it. Her abuser, most likely. But this is just a guess... You've done a beautiful job with the idea but it's just you could use proper punctuations [commas and such]. The important thing though is that the reader got the idea or main point. Keep writing and keep the emotions strong :)