Of Love & Justice

Of Love & Justice

2 chapters / 11572 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


*Please Note: I am very dyslexic so I am not as good at catching grammar and spelling errors. I run through my writing often and clean it up but it won't be perfect right now! Thanks!*

Shattered is a coming-of-age Young Adult novel set in post-apocalyptic Alternative Universe. Following a young woman’s journey across the Realm in search of revenge and answers, the reader is pulled into a whirlwind of life altering events, real and raw romance, and the trying of one’s fortitude.

After the tragic execution of her parents during a brutal tax raid, Myla Hightower has spent the last seven years raising her young nephew, crawling on her hands and knees with courage and perseverance through the dirt and grime of life in hopes of somehow thriving despite the odds stacked against her.

Faced with the normal worries of a young woman trying to raise a child, Myla’s days blur together in a trail of tears and survival until one day she becomes acutely aware of a disturbing stirring in the peace of her small town. Myla finds herself tangled up in a quest with an elite team destined to destroy the injustice of their government. One of the team members happens to be the only man left in the world capable of breaking her heart.

In this edge-of-your-seat story, you will experience a fresh and unfiltered adventure portraying how convictions, a sense of justice, and love can drive even the most content of people to do unthinkable things.


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5 months ago IMightBeLeaving said:

I've only read the first chapter since the other needs a passcode, but what I read is awesome. It may not be my type of story but people vary. I like how detailed you are with your writing, but to me the story progresses quite slow. That's just me though, like I mentioned earlier people vary. It's an intriguing idea for a story and I think that you should continue.



5 months ago Wyatt Jaymes said:

This is a bit fast paced. I would try slowing it down a bit and slowly introduce us to the world Myla lives in. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors. You could also add in back stories on how Cassidy died and why Myla she left home. But, I loved the beginning. It was very well written and very interesting and I was immediately drawn into the story. You left me wanting to know more. - Wyatt Jaymes

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5 months ago Ashley C. Nicole said:

Chapter One: - I love the opening. It’s very mysterious and draws the reader in. I want to know what happened and where her nephew is. Also, love the name Bash. - I like how the story goes right into the action, opening in the middle of her routine and what she’s doing right then and there. - There’s a lot of description, which is really great in terms of world-building, but sometimes, it becomes a little dense. I think once you introduce these other characters and physically have them speaking, it flows a lot better but the beginning is a little dense with all of the adjectives and lengthy descriptions. - It seems like Bash has gone for a long time but then he says he picked the boys up from school a few days ago. I’m not sure what the timeline is here or if maybe he was only gone for a few days, just wanted to point it out in case you had him gone for longer and wanted to adjust the pick-up time frame. - Aw, the proposal is so cute!! Bash seems like a great guy, which is very well-done, considering that I’ve only read the first chapter. - Overall: great opening chapter. I feel like you really bring the reader in and build the suspense almost behind-the-scenes with little bits here and there about the world Myla lives in. It leaves me with questions - What does Bash do? How did Cassidy die? Why does Myla leave? - that make me want to keep reading, which is, obviously, great!

Chapter Two review coming once you publish it (or send me the access key)