Paint Splatters

Paint Splatters

16 chapters / 1798 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


My collection of poems (:


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17 days ago NEF Castuera said:

Ooohh. I love painting! And I totally love this one too! It painted the speakers passionate feelings very well. and indeed very vibrant. It is very vivid, the wonderful colors that love emits. I like how you portrayed it thru this. I'd love to read the other poems :D Please feel free to update me and call for my read whenever. :)


19 days ago Kylie Elaine said:

I read the first two poems that you have published (this is for the read you bought in the group)

The first was my favorite of the two. I thought it flowed better and had a wonderful message. I still enjoyed the second, but I didn't think it flowed as well. I did enjoy the last two lines of it though! Good job!


about 1 month ago Ben Rakow said:

Nice poem!! Really calm and soothing!



26 days ago ☾✥Rosalie Moire✥☽ said:

This is vibrant. I really feel the emotion. Good job!

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26 days ago Haley Nicole Smith said:

I loved this poem! It's very romantic and reminds me of how I felt for my first love. It brought a smile to my face!