Midnight Thoughts of a Troubled Mind

Midnight Thoughts of a Troubled Mind

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I've been doing a lot of thinking late at night here lately and (in my opinion) what I have been thinking about is very interesting so I have decided to write my thoughts down to share with the void that is the internet. So read if you want to...there might be something interesting waiting for you.


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4 months ago Lizzi said:

I actually really enjoyed reading this. And the one thought that I could really relate to was the texting thing. There isn't really anything here to critique but I enjoyed it.


5 months ago Blue Lexius said:

What I can appreciate about this piece (and the rest of them, mind you) is how personal they all are. You waver through one topic to another, and approach them all with a profound sense of honesty and insight. Reading this is like looking into an unorganised diary entry. It's both deep and raw.


5 months ago Ané said:

Okay seriously I enjoyed this. I completely relate on your stance on Christianity, it's put me in a bit of a personal crisis myself.

Your thoughts are really interesting, I love the way you wrote this, from the style to the whimsy of it.

The whole thing about the texts, I laughed, not because it's funny, or because I'm making fun of you, but because I go through the same thing. I've gotten to the point where just asking someone from class about homework puts me into stress mode, because I go through this whole "Oh dang they think I'm annoying, they'll go: oh no not her again, does she not pay attention in class..."

And now I'm rambling in the comment section of your thoughts XD

I will now move on to read all your other pieces because I find them amazing.

PS love the cover


5 months ago Ellie said:

Wow... Your mind is an incredibly interesting thing to delve into. I really enjoyed reading this, as I, too, find it fascinating to really consider everything in the light of someone standing and watching life, not as someone caught up in its dramas. Does that make sense? Probably not. I'm just very amazed at what you have written and how glued to the screen I was. Please write more when you get the chance!



5 months ago Ruben Ezra said:

Vox, hey, you dance across your themes and thoughts in a loose change kinda way. Despite your negative self talk you express articulately and clearly with deep insight. And then you dismiss it, as if afraid to say it out loud. Please keep writing it's interesting and deeply personal, even if you are holding back the darker.. But keep writing anyway, honesty is a needed commodity, if only to show us that others think as we do,.. thanks Re..


5 months ago Ignorant-to-Life said:

Hi, Vox, it's Ignorant here with the review you requested from Contests, Covers, Reviews, and More...!

Although you did just ask me to say it was good, I have two thoughts on that.

Thought Number One: That is not what a review is.

Thought Number Two: I like to give constructive criticism.

On that note:

There's not a whole lot to review, considering it is just thoughts; the thoughts of the author, to be more exact. With that in mind, I found your train of thought to be intriguing. A bit narcissistic in the way you introduced your 'story' to me in the group, but intriguing none the less.

Narcissism aside, I thought your writing was actually very good, and if you put your talents into actual stories instead of just thoughts from your inner conscience, you'd have really great stories, probably even better than mine. I love writing stories, but I cannot, for the life of me, write about myself and make it interesting (that eliminates a self-biography, people!). I'm more of a fiction writer. ^.^

The one thing I most wanted to say, and really the only thing I copied and noted, is that I agree with you wholeheartedly when you said this:

"I also feel self-conscious about the fact that other than the two friends that I text on a regular basis that no one ever tries to initiate a conversation with me. I’m always the one who has to start it a nd in my mind that is just further confirmation that no one likes me."

See, I'm in college (just finished my second year; I'm 19), and I made friends my first year. I thought they were really great friends. We hung out all the time, till all hours of the night. It was awesome. But then I decided to move back home and commute to school and they stopped talking to me. I initiated every conversation and sometimes, they wouldn't respond (okay, a lot of the times!), so I just gave up and stopped messaging them. Safe to say, I feel exactly the same way as you about texting people!

Also, I have a very similar thought about religion, as well. I'm Lutheran (though we don't, like, go to church or anything. Mom says you don't have to go to church to prove you believe in God or a higher power), and although I am from a particular religion, and I am NOT, I repeat I am NOT, an atheist, I might be agnostic--no, I am agnostic. I don't know WHAT I believe. I'm still processing everything in life and finding my place, and right now, I haven't found my place in religion yet, but I don't NOT believe, hence not atheist, but not really religious, either. Agnostic.

Rant over. Your writing style is fantastic! You are funny, though quite a bit narcissistic, which, hey, is just fine in this world!

Thanks for sharing!