Music and Haunted Sandwiches

Music and Haunted Sandwiches

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Description: we are...I'm writing another one of thoughts are still kind of interesting I think so if you want to read this have at it. I think my first collection of random thoughts is ok too so if you want you should read that one too. It's called Midnight Thoughts of a Troubled Mind.



5 months ago Ané said:

Oh and being compared to your brother is just plain crappy. I happen to think you're very creative and interesting. Everyone should just be allowed to be themselves!


5 months ago Ané said:

This is now where I tell you how I relate etc etc but I'm going to tell you about my music taste since I've yet to meet someone who shares it.

When people ask me what music I listen to (I find this is the first question "kids" ask to get to know you, where adults would ask what your job is, and as I type I realise technically I'm an adult), I usually name the bands and groups I happen to like the songs of, Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons. But If I'm really really honest, I listen to soundtracks. And not the soundtracks made up of a compilation of songs like Twilight (that movie had great music), but epic orchestral soundtracks from things like Lord of the Rings and my favourite video games.

Before I write another wall of text, let us move on.

I love the PR thing at the end, seriously, it's genius!


5 months ago Rave said:

I totally get that thought of others listening to the music older people listen to while growing up. I did the same, but I didn't really have much of a choice. Plus, I didn't develop my own taste of music until I was around twelve. I started with pop music (ugh, I know) then eventually moved on to jazz and guitar and recorder music.


5 months ago Anna M said:

I like those covers!


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5 months ago Vox said:

Amazing! With his sophomore effort Vox has really outdone himself! Music and Haunted Sandwiches is certainly one for the ages and it wouldn't surprise this critic if it is taught in schools some time soon! If you were a fan of Midnight Thoughts of a Troubled Mind you will absolutely love this!

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