You Like Snow

You Like Snow

1 chapter / 271 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A snow day with a considerate friend who doesn't like snow.

Beautiful cover by Noceurx!



14 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Oh my goodness, this was so sweet! Thanks for making my day x)


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2 months ago Daisy Cabret said:

Aw, I loved this, it was so beautiful. Your descriptions took my breath away. Fantastic job!



3 months ago Sierra M. Daw said:


Your description is top notch. Seriously, the way you described those simple moments in such a sophisticated way, blew my mind. I am a sucker for these little prose. And yours is so well written.

The romance is so innocent and kind.

Reading the way you wrote is like listening to an old sweet friend talk. *-* (if that makes sense)

But well done! ^_^


3 months ago Sage Bielinski said:

This is such a beautiful work of writing; I loved it! You do an incredible job of making the scene come to life and the story is just filled with inherent sweetness. Thanks for writing this!



3 months ago MaryAnn said:

Oh. My Goodness.

Where to begin....

You act like a fisher. You lure your target into position, hook them, and reel them in before they realize what's going on.

That's what this story felt like, I was hooked, and before I knew it, I was immersed into the story as if I was one of the characters.

You are such a talented writer, I can't explain it.

The only cons I have is....well, they aren't even's just checking for typos again and again and getting rid of parts of the story that you deem unnecessary.

Keep up the INCREDIBLE work!!!



4 months ago Tasha said:

That was a nice surprise I expected something bad... but that may be because most of my books end with something bad happening or begin with something bad happening. It was a very well written story I truly enjoyed it