You Like Snow

You Like Snow

1 chapter / 271 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A snow day with a considerate friend who doesn't like snow.

Beautiful cover by Noceurx!



about 11 hours ago Johanna Opal said:

It was so sweet. It makes me think of how men should be. This was beautiful! I'll be reading more of your stuff for sure!

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14 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Awww...this was great!! Your details were awesome and the ending was just perfect. Hehe. Put simply, it was adorable. :)


14 days ago Bekah Stogner said:

This is nice! Very simple and pure with just enough powerful descriptions to get your point across. I loved "intense eyes". Keep it up, fam!


14 days ago Juliana Arreola said:

I love the description and the visualization, its so eloquently put together and even though its short its a very cute love story! Id love to swap I just wrote a poem called Maybe if you wanna check it out :)



14 days ago Tasha said:

That was a nice surprise I expected something bad... but that may be because most of my books end with something bad happening or begin with something bad happening. It was a very well written story I truly enjoyed it