Tears in life

Tears in life

1 chapter / 212 words

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Okay people this is a poem that sums up my life.


Fox ash

3 months ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:



3 months ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:

this sums up my ife exactly


4 months ago Rose K said:

keep going. It will get easier.


4 months ago Rose K said:

:( good job. But I think your life is more than that, you can find joy in the past and the future even if there is none in the present.



3 months ago Paige Johnson said:

You should try to make this more specific and personal so we can sympathize better


4 months ago Daniel Mathers said:

Consider changing the lines "But I sort of do", "I awake" should be "I wake", "would last night in my life", "would last before ng in the", "more angrier" should be "more angry" or "angrier", and "It still is".

Overall well done, make some edits and it could be a very fluent well-written poem. I left those edits up to you but gave you the lines that would improve (or that dont make sense grammatically) if changed,