Lost to your love

Lost to your love

1 chapter / 281 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Beautiful cover by A.R. Kyron


Writing, Poetry



about 1 month ago Damian Burton said:

This is a reminder of how love can leave us broken after it elevates us to new heights. After we come crashing down, it seems impossible to carry on. It some cases, it is. Love loss can and has led to suicide. What a connection to another person can do to us is absolutely astonishing. In both beautiful and ugly ways. To me, this poem powerfully acknowledges all of these points.


2 months ago Natalie Dunning said:

This poem is very emotional and powerful, I really like it. I think you did a good job conveying the feelings of a heartbreak and sorrow.

The only thing wrong with it that I noticed is your misspelling of "disappointed". Otherwise, great job! :)


2 months ago Scarlet Warrior said:

Dude I can relate


2 months ago Ané said:

This is very sad and heart-breaking. You capture the emotion really well. I especially like the line about your tears embracing their palms, I've never read anything like it.


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about 1 month ago LeChevalierRoland said:

First off, I would like to say that I thought you emoted very well towards the end of the poem. It picked up the pace and there was a good rhythm. I think this is very relatable.

Things to work on: “Into million pieces.” should be “Into a million pieces.”. It’s very choppy in the beginning. There isn’t much of a pace and it’s a bit hard for the reader to feel what the narrator is feeling. Maybe if you changed the line structure, that would make it read much better.

Overall, good job.