The Disappearing Girl

The Disappearing Girl

3 chapters / 4445 words

Approximately 22 minutes to read


Cover Design: An9e1
If a death omen kept reappearing in your life, how would you handle it? Would you try to stop whatever was about to happen or accept it?


Fantasy, Mystery, Novel


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4 months ago Linus said:

Loved your descriptions. They start out smart and unique. I'd keep carrying those with you as your continue on while keeping the events simple and the elusive feelings connecting the reader into the story. It's a great story so far and it definitely draws me in. Well done!


4 months ago Samuel Gaflin said:

I enjoy some good suspense and this was no exception. You had a great start and build from the beginning and you grasped my attention. also.. PUPPYI loved the descriptions. You really knew how to capture the fear of both child and parent as well adding to the creep factor. If I'm gonna do some nitpicking I would advise that the disappearing girl should say more "twisted" stuff, depending on the tone you're going for. Or just generally more short, but effective dialogues like the ones you had. But, nevertheless, it was a great read :)