Title Needed

Title Needed

8 chapters / 4556 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


What would you do if your brother was taken from you? Gianna goes onto a search to find her missing brother and unearths something that was being kept secret. What will happen when she finds him, and will she die in the process?

I don't have a title for this piece yet. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments!


Adventure, Novel, Mystery



4 months ago Cali Aguon/Johanna Opal said:

I've only read the first two chapters before bed. I will read the rest tomorrow, but so far "The Simulation" seems like a good name to me. It "When Times were Hard". Perhaps, "Something I Used to Know". I'll think of more when I read on tomorrow.



4 months ago Erin Rae said:

You've definitely hooked me. I'm very interested and immediately I wanted to know why this kid is being experimented on and why the people in the hospital deny her having a brother. Or maybe she doesn't have a brother... It's a good thing that you leave things open because it makes people wanting to read on to find out that information. You have a nice writing style. It's nice, almost easy going, but you write good tension filled scenes as well. You've filled this story with just enough tension, mystery, and humor. I've started to see the characters develop, and I've already grown to like the main boy character. The only thing I would suggest is in the very first paragraph in the first chapter, almost every sentence starts with "I." This makes it choppy and hart to read. Try switching a few up :)

Keep writing!