Saber of the Guard

Saber of the Guard

10 chapters / 17478 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Concealed in the shadows of a frigid autumn night, a vicious kidnapping takes place deep in the forest. A wolf pup named Saber finds herself swept away from her home and taken to a mysterious fleet of soldiers called the Guard. Besides being unnaturally large and swift elites, the wolves of the Guard, known as Hosts, possess a remarkable power given to them at birth: the untamed, rage-driven endurance of the Rush.
*Cover Credit goes to the fantastic Mira!*


Action, Fantasy, Suspense



over 5 years ago Lauren S. said:

Please write more, Please Please Please


almost 6 years ago venus the daydreamer said:

I've read two chapters so far!! It's excellent!!!:) I'll be reviewing it once I've read the whole thing!


almost 6 years ago Suzanne Van Mann said:

Wow, thanks for the 10 hearts, guys! :D


almost 6 years ago AndreaTheWolfie said:

I hope you plan on adding more to this, because its really good=)


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