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More poetry I guess... Cover made by Emily Jones.


Writing, Poetry



8 days ago ScarletKnight said:

I can see this as a song for some reason. Very beautiful.

Aliceb5 (1)

25 days ago Coral Vaci said:

I like how you compare your heart to being frozen in this poem and then having it being completely thawed out in the end! I also love how you repeat a couple phrases in this poem!

Great work!


26 days ago Linus said:

Oops, I thought your name was Jesse. Sorry. Thought you were someone else, but I feel the same about your poem. ;)


26 days ago Linus said:

I Jesse, I am just now coming back to Figment and you kindly commented on a poem of mine almost a year ago.

I was taken with this poem, Shivers. I felt the feelings as you described them. I was glad they you lifted from them, as if light was shed. I wished I knew how this transition was made however.


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