Legends Are Made

Legends Are Made

12 chapters / 4141 words

Approximately 21 minutes to read


When you were a teenager did you ever have that one guy or one girl that just knew exactly how to get under your skin? How to make you squirm every time they're near you. The type of person you know your mom wouldn't approve of? And that basic fact making them that much more attractive. I have, but word of advice, nothing good ever comes out of a relationship with those type of people.

(Readers: Chapters that have "-L" are from Legend's POV and "-R" are from Ryder's POV. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE STORY)



6 months ago Raina K. said:

This story is very interesting and I want to read more of it! Can't wait for new chapters!


6 months ago Rebecca Maen said:

This is a great start! Please write more!


6 months ago Gracie Alwin said:

This is a very good start and I think you have very great potential!!



5 months ago Turner Mahrle said:

Hello Lexi! So I have read your story and it's good so far. It starts out in an interesting way and carries on in a manner that kept reading till the end. I would like to know more about Legend and Ryder though, hoping to see more depth involving them later on to carry the story along. There is a lot of telling and not enough showing for me personally, but all in all it's a great read and a wonderful start to your first book. Keep up the good work and keep pushing out that imagination and evolving your characters and story :)


6 months ago Kalle Vasquez said:

Yeahhh duuude your getting Amazing at this you need to keep writing more!!!! Love you Lex!!