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***A poem***


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about 1 month ago Lauren Fricke said:

I enjoy this piece. It is simple and light to read. However, your voice feels constrained behind the rhyme pattern. Try reading it aloud, or having someone read it back to you, to look at the flow.

Otherwise, good job!


4 months ago Rae of Nevermore said:

One grammar error though: you miss spelled "innocent"

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4 months ago Naomi Folettia said:

I love this style! It reminds me a bit of a children's poetry book I have and read over and over. And it reminded me of an herb book, I don't know why :P

Although I wouldn't use "&" because you didn't do it anywhere else, the rhyming was spot on and I could read each line in a nice flowing rhythm :) I liked how creative you were describing the rabbit hoping around like poetry. That was an awesome sentence! :D Very well done. I'm putting this on my list of my most favorite poems on Figment :D


4 months ago Synthey said:

It's like you put every word exactly where it belongs, I love it!



4 months ago Rae of Nevermore said:

I honestly thought this was such a cute piece. Just the title alone made me think of a close friend of mine and how she adores her pet rabbits. I can't wait to show this to her, I think she'd say you picked her mind almost perfectly! I personally love the imagery and rhyming made for a very peaceful flow for me. Can't wait to read more from you!


4 months ago Linus said:

This took me a few reads before I realized that I was reading a rhyming poem. The syntax and grammar was not good, I thought. But then, once I caught on that there was a patter of a rhyme, it all weaved together and it even gave me note that these "rules" do not apply in the same way to such poetry. Not that there are no rules, but you can break a lot of them. Once I was able to read again from a view of clarity, I loved this poem. Great rhythm and beautiful imagery.