Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

2 chapters / 3177 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


She got sucked into his world, his violent, abusive, destructive world, and she can't find her way out.


Short Story



12 days ago J. Li said:

I loved the dialogue in this! It's very realistic and captured the characters' tone and personality perfectly. I can see who Tristan is, who the narrator is, and it all ties in together to create this rough, gritty atmosphere throughout the story. The descriptions are also wonderfully written and feel lifelike. Overall, a great job!


15 days ago Audie White said:

The only reason I'm leaving a comment instead of a review is because this story didn't have much to criticize.

First of all, I love the mood throughout the story. It's actually very similar to the mood of my own story, and you did a fantastic job of it.

The ending was easily the best part. Perhaps the best I've ever seen on Figment in five years (this is my second account). You did an excellent job of creating the perfect twist ending. Stories like this always surprise me, where you think of something one way, and it just turns out to be completely different. Great work.


18 days ago Cali Aguon/Johanna Opal said:

This was a great book so far! I can't wait to read more! I couldn't find any mistakes or suggestions I should say, so it's like it's actually been published in an actual book. I can't wait to read more!


19 days ago Raina K. said:

Omg! I love this story. The whole story seemed to be somehow very known and at the end it just clicks and you know what it is. Those are just very familiar feelings, that you can't really run away from so easy, and that makes this story so enjoyable, leaving a very familiar feeling inside you and I just love it. I think this is the best short story I have ever read. It just gets to me so good. Anyways, good job on this story!


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