Not your Ordinary Girl

Not your Ordinary Girl

1 chapter / 231 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Hope has a secret. She doesn't know what will happen to her if she's found out. Will they accept her? Will they shun her? There's only one way she can find out, but is she willing to tell another soul...?



6 months ago Natasha said:

just one chapter? i can't wait to read more about this mystery! :D


6 months ago Johanna Opal said:

Wasn't expected! Great story!


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6 months ago Katherine Brown said:

This seems like a fantastic idea/plot line, however, this first chapter seems awkward. It's short, and that's fine, however, some of the wording throughout seems awkward. For example, in paragraph 3 (paragraph=hitting enter) you had the sentence: She snarled and pounced out the way of the it just before it shot, and ran.

This seems really awkward and could make readers stumble and get hung up on the wording versus getting lost in the world you want to create for them. This does seem like a good start, but I would go back and look over the work you have written and expand on it with details. Good start though!


6 months ago Kiamesha Denise Sims said:

Great start.