13 chapters / 6548 words

Approximately 33 minutes to read


Lexi Davis is a talented, young poet and polyglot. She has a motto:

"Words are your sword, shield and ticket to everywhere."

Unfortunately, her father disagrees...

Lexi yearns to escape her oppressive, abusive home. But, instead, she hides in a cold, dark alley - a small, serrated kitchen knife her only friend.

Lexi Davis dreams of running away to a big city. And she has her heart set on Seoul.

Seoul - where what you say matters.

-Cover by Kayla Amaro-




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29 days ago Kayleigh Cathcart said:

So far, I have only read the description. It sounds like an amazing book.

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29 days ago Kayleigh Cathcart said:

I can't wait to start reading this book!!!!


5 months ago L.Greene said:

This is a great book. I love it how you made it hard for Lexi to find inspiration. I have the same problem.

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5 months ago Alexandra Turner said:

The last line in Chapter 5: (rough translation)

"Stars need darkness to shine brighter than before."



4 months ago Kayla Amaro said:

Chapter Three Review - Aaah! Lexi why did you have to lie? Lol I feel very sorry for her. She's in a terrible situation indeed. Here are my notes for this chapter:

"Ago" is one word.

Oxford comma - one goes between "lied to him" and "and disobeyed him".

Truanting and missing something is doing the same thing basically. I would take our one of those verbs because it's redundant.

I think you meant "even if the thought". Missing an "i" there. No biggie.

Leap already implies something is going up, so take "up" out of that sentence. It's redundant as well.

Other than that, I have to say, you made my heart leap into my throat at the very end. Way to build the suspense and end the chapter on a cliffhanger! Now I'm itching to read more. Excellent work!


4 months ago Kayla Amaro said:

Chapter Two Review - Oooo her father is really intimidating. That's an interesting character there. Now it makes sense why she has resulted to self harm. Very sad. Here are the minor fixes to be made:

You talk about the smell of damp pavement. I think the smell of wet grass and damp dirt is even more everpresent, if there is any grass where she is. If there is, I would add that description in too.

I would add that she turned the knob slowly.

I'd say she is "nowhere near as intelligent as him". A few sentences before you say he couldn't be her father, so keep the cold distance between Lexi and the man who is her father.

"a smack around the head." This is confusing me. I've never heard of this before. Did you mean a smack about the head?

"Lexi hurried into her bedroom" is what you should say. Hurrying back into her bedroom implies she was there already, which she wasn't.

Alright! Past that, here we have an interesting development in the story! I half expected her father to be there, but it only added to the suspense of the moment you wrote about. Predictability worked in your favor for this chapter. Great job!