The Other Side Of The Glass

The Other Side Of The Glass

1 chapter / 3623 words

Approximately 18 minutes to read


***SHORT STORY*** This book is dedicated to all the silent sufferers that endure much, yet may never be healed. To the people who yearn to be understood, but never are.


"If only my life could be as beautiful as it is on the other side of the glass, " so wishes Lesley, a teenager who has lost all love of life. She looks at the world through the frost and fog of her past, distorted from a tear in the family that shredded her life to bits.

But what if she meets a mysterious old man with the uncanny ability to reach inside her thoughts?

And what happens when this bookman reawakens the magic that slept right beneath Lesley's nose?

COVER CREDITS: Daniel Jimeneze



Aliceb5 (1)

2 months ago Coral Vaci said:

This is so relatable and powerful. Your voice and description are very good! I can't describe how much I love this story.


3 months ago Wiwaxia said:

Sorry, I meant to separate the numbered list of grammar revisions in the review to make it easier to read, but somehow they got tangled up. I'll re-post them here.

1. Maybe one day she'll realize that life enjoys smiting out happiness ("smoting" -> "smiting"; "smite" is the correct present tense, although "smoting" is apparently accepted as an Urban Dictionary word).

2. At the word "bookstore" (change single quotation marks to double quotation marks)

3. No book could ever lure me into the boundaries of its cover again ("it's" -> "its").

4. There's a question in his eyes too ("to" -> "too").

5. Mom had one too ("to" -> "too").

6. They professed that (my) she wasn't coming back (erase a space between "wasn't" and "coming"; the "my" is technically not really grammatically correct, but could be used to emphasize how important Katrina was to Lesley, so I put it in parentheses for you to decide.)

7. I too lived with a joyful song in my heart day by day (again, "to" -> "too"; this seems to be a recurring one, so I think that you should take a careful look at these in your other works as well).

Sarcasm quote

4 months ago Alexandra Turner said:

I can't quite get over how relatable this story is. It's great. I would like to know more about why Lesley fell into her state of depression. (It's touched upon incredibly briefly in the story. But I'd like to know more... Maybe another story (you said you would like to do a series) on this would be cool.)

Well done! :D


Butterfly yellow

4 months ago Cassie Lee said:

This story had a very magical, Disney feel to it. It was wonderfully written, and I would like to have a bookman come to me myself. I really want to get to know the protagonist more, and her back story. Happy Writing!



4 months ago Kayla Amaro said:

I absolutely loved this story! I love the happy ending too. I couldn't help but smile at my screen when I read the last few lines. Amazing!

Just some things I'd point out:

I think you meant "threatening to tear down my cheeks." That's no biggie.

And I would say "shift uncomfortably" instead of "wiggle uncomfortably" just because wiggle gives off a playful impression and that wasn't what you were describing there.

I love the poem in the story too. That was very WingsofAnEagle of you to do that :)

Great job with this one!