8 chapters / 6642 words

Approximately 33 minutes to read


Fire and water don't mix. Elphyra and water are even worse....
Tomika Brigaile is the sum of a sad, parted family. Tomika never felt needed or special until something horrifying happens to her, but it didn't happen just yet....maybe later, though?
"Wow, I felt like my heart was ripped out by the end of the book. NEVER gets old." --K.Caitlen.R
*(adding a new chapter every other day! stayed tuned!)*



18 days ago Trin Aster said:

Oohhh I read the next chapter you posted, and I still find it really interesting. However a little suggestion, on the chapter in italics, (the first one) how about splitting it into two or three different paragraphs, it'll just make it easier to read and not seem so large. Up to you tho.


about 1 month ago Trin Aster said:

Oohhhh nice beginning, I'm excited to see where this goes. It's very creepy and quite suspenseful!! Curious to see where this goes.



13 days ago Amber Johar said:

Alright, so I’m reviewing this for the swap… Anywho, this is a great book. Well rounded characters and I love how I can feel the emotion that your character is feeling. Good job. Your characters are well written. The story events flow. All that I have to say harshly is… so much death. *Hides behind hands* Anywho, this is great. Keep up with the good work.

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21 days ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

I love it! The beginning was wonderful and the whole story was wonderful! Only issue was that you said "You saved my. I hate paperwork" My to me. That's it though!!!! Great story!