A Heart Worth Healing

A Heart Worth Healing

1 chapter / 4153 words

Approximately 21 minutes to read


***SHORT STORY*** This is a sequel short to "The Other Side of the Glass".

Marty is a young adult struggling with a lingering bitterness for horses. Something still draws her towards the rather pretty, mammoth beasts, yet she cannot forgive the fatal injury that she acquired after an accident with a black Horse named Maleficent.

Then one day, Marty is offered a chance to heal her old wounds. But will she be able to get past the steady stare of horse resembling Maleficent?


Drama, Fantasy, Romance


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about 1 month ago Kylie Elaine said:

Sorry it took me so long to get to this, I had started it and gotten most of it done and it all deleted and so I haven't had time to restart it. Thanks for the patience!

Put the paragraphs that start "I kick" and "I want to" together

"The (dreamy) way (that).."

I would suggest switching the paragraphs "Even though" and "she pauses"

I have noticed that you have a lot of paragraph breaks where they aren't needed. I, as a reader, prefer to have a lesser amount of paragraphs, the short paragraphs messes with the flow of the piece. I would suggest going through and re-reading and putting some paras together. There are some spots that it works and is stylistic, but there are also some that shouldn't be there at all.

"You're turning on me (too)?"

"With his (condemnation)" Condenment isn't a word

"I surprise myself by shedding a tear (which) slides down my nose."

Wow, the ending was really good. I love the mini plot twist and how you brought the bookman in. The story was a really great read!


2 months ago Scarlett rivers said:

okay, I love this book so much! You managed to keep a dark perspective but at the same time you had a very light tone! not many people can do that. My thoughts are kind of scatterbrained sorry! Ok now to work: On the part where you say "She stares at me with hatred in her serpent like eyes." This is more a personal thing but it sounds better with the flow if you put in :She stares, hate clear in her serpent eyes.

next I found in :I had hoped we could get along well, but your just down right nasty, (it should be) No matter what Aunt Jennifer says."

And I noticed you tend to add in "had" a lot sometimes you need but the times you used it you could take it out and the flow of the sentence sounded good. Also in there was a typo it said "The Emily said." That's all other than that it was an amazing book.