When Life Meets Death

When Life Meets Death

5 chapters / 3832 words

Approximately 19 minutes to read


Lyvia loves her purpose of giving the breath of life. Until she meets Sephtis, who kills everything that he touches. Lyvia is determined to stop him, but doubts make her hesitate. Would she ever be able to destroy Sephtis? What price would the world have to pay? What caused her mother to disappear and leave the burden on her? Who created Sephtis? This story is about Lyvia and Sephtis, the personifications of life and death, defining their purpose in the universe.


Fantasy, Romance, Writing


Monument valley 3.2

4 months ago Coral Vaci said:

This is powerful! I love how you approach certain matters here. Please continue!

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4 months ago Reiga said:

I'm finally getting to read the rest of your updated chapters^^ Sorry, life's been throwing curve balls at me. Anyways, I'm not done yet I just thought I'd tell you I found a mess up in ch. 4 before I forgot.

When Sephtis comes across the man/woman in the hospital he's supposed to send to the afterlife I guess? (Not sure what you'd call his job. Saying he kills them seems a little too much, although he is death... Can you possibly clarify this for me?) But first you called the person a middle aged man, then you said 'the family must have decided it was finally time to take 'her' off life support' (or something along those lines) I was confused then thought you probably didn't notice it. Or maybe you did, I don't know XD Well I hope you continue the awesome, great job your doing to wright this story :) I was so happy to see you had two chapters updated^^ Anyways I've got to get reading!

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4 months ago Reiga said:

Oooo it updated! Perhaps I should follow you :3

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4 months ago Reiga said:

I love this story! I hope you continue to update it very soon! :3



4 months ago Wiwaxia said:

Interesting. The third chapter does bring a whole new light to the characters. Probing Lyvia's rhetorical question further, one can almost get to the fundamental question of "What do the gods do? How much of our life and will do they dictate?" Also, with your artful illustration of abortion and poaching, I wonder how you may describe topics like war, a mother dying after childbirth praying to keep her child alive and in good care, suicide, congenital deformities (ranging from easily curable to impossible), and the job of doctors. Are the actions doctors saving lives or people committing suicides threatening to shatter the precarious balance between life and death, or are they linked in some strange causality? I wonder how you may be navigating through these interesting themes.


4 months ago A.G. Wade said:

This is so powerful. I am in mental shock at how deep and just... penetrating this piece is. You captured the emotion and reasons behind each side so well, and I'm left pitying both characters. The world is surely cruel. You deserve a follow for sure!