Excetera: Fourth Wall

Excetera: Fourth Wall

4 chapters / 4943 words

Approximately 25 minutes to read


This is a story I started working on awhile back that I left in favor of my other story, heh... I would love to return to the idea one day. One day when I have time. *snort* Also, I had no time to write a blurb so here's a bleh one XD


What happens when a secondary character had to play the hero? When the Main Character is unable to fulfill her role as main character?

After a mysterious and rather disturbing chain of events, Kimi Suko realizes she is a book character - not just any book character, but the SECONDARY character. Yeah, that kinda sucks. Anyhoo, she eventually finds a way to hop between books and genres, realizing that there are so many worlds outside of her own Dystopian, steampunk novel.

Steampunk, fantasy, high school romance, comedy, (etc)... there isn't a genre she isn't capable of visiting.



15 days ago Coral Vaci said:

This is really cool and I love the humor too! I love how you show that there was an original Kimi too. I would love to read more! :D


16 days ago A.R. KYRON said:

You should definitely continue it! I read the first chapter only, it's pretty good :) The descriptions are awesome, you described every lil thing. It deserves much appreciation. I got a bit confused at times but still I won't say that it's a mess. IT IS NOT A MESS AND YOU DID A GOOD JOB.

Keep it up!


16 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:


Yeah, yeah. I love this book idea and everything, even if I still stick with the belief that Spirit Rising/Failing Sun should be your only thoughts right now as far as writing goes. XD ;)


16 days ago Wiwaxia said:

One thing for sure; I definitely like your accurate depiction of Cherenkov radiation. The blue light is a signature of some seriously volatile nuclear reactions taking place. I also like the general Sci-fi feel it has to it, with its willingness to have some real science components in science fiction.


Wings of an eagle profile

15 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I love the unexpected twist in chapter three and four x) It really caught me by surprise and made me love this all the more x)

Wings of an eagle profile

15 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Hey there! I know that this may look daunting because it is so long, but don't worry! I'm not nailing you with things to fix, there is only a few things I elaborated on a lot. X)

One thing you might want to fix: There was one paragraph where you left a huge space mid-sentence... if you understand that. It was like a sentence broken into two different paragraphs.(if that's any clearer)

I THINK that the paragraph started with.."Kimi understood immediately" ..hopefully that will help you find it..

OVERALL: Wow! This was like nothing I've ever read before... I'm not usually fond of sci-fi, but I actually liked this!

I had a hard time concentrating on this at some times because of how fast paced it is. Everything seems to happen one thing after another... and at points I felt a bit confused and had to re-read a sentence or paragraph.

Maybe slow down the parts without action and fit in more descriptions, just to give the reader a breather so that they can concentrate when the action starts again.

Try to give the reader a chance to get a real feel for the atmosphere and area before delving into action and conversations, that way when the girls move on to a new area the reader has a clear idea of where Kimi and Cari have been. When you give descriptions right off the bat, it sets the mood for whatever comes next.

Other than those few things... I truly enjoyed this piece! (and I read the whole thing.. two chapters wasn't enough!) You have a very intriguing writing style that drew me right in x)

I also really enjoyed the way Kimi and Cari talk to eachother, I had to chuckle a few times. I have a hard time keeping my humor feeling natural, but you don't seem to have any trouble with that. xD

On the whole.... well done and keep writing! Hope this was helpful! ~Willow