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"You got a letter. With a red sticker on it." His voice was low, gravely and forced. His old wrinkled face smudged into a frown.
I took a step back, wondering if this was some sort of joke. "Is it April Fools day today? I must've gone blank on the date. Nice joke, but I wouldn't do that on other people, they might think you're-"
"It's not a joke," he whispered. He looked into my face, crystal tears streaming down his cheeks.
"You were a good friend," he stated. Then he dragged himself to his door, and stepped inside.
I was so stunned. My feet stuck to the floor like magnets, and I couldn't bring myself to close my jaw. My hands shook violently as the letter in my hand was ripped to shreds. Face hot, jaw now clenched so tight I could hear my teeth cracking, I started toward the door and watched as Nora stepped outside. Tears were in her eyes as she watched the distinct green packaging of the well-known letter fall to the ground.
“No,” she whispered under her breath. Hand over her heart, she screamed like a child and ran to my feet, her cotton lavender robe flowing gently behind her.
But her words were anything but gentle.
If my wife was a cussing woman, she would’ve been saying some harsh things right then. But my wife does not cuss, so instead she called the government names that were so bad that they came close to cursing. We grabbed each other so tightly I could feel my breath start to shorten; but there, in the glaring sun of that morning, we cried like we had never cried before, and in that moment I was regretting all of the things I had said to her. I was hating myself for not showing how much I loved her, for not giving her more kisses when she needed them.
It was too late now, and I had bigger problems.
I had to prepare for death.



4 days ago Haley Kissell said:

This is absolutely amazing! Please keep writing!


4 days ago Araxis said:

This is amazing!


7 days ago Aiden P said:

Wow!!! Keep adding onto this and you will have a publishable story!!! It is so good so far!


4 months ago Writer said:

I read as much as I could, and it. Is. Awesome. Keep writing!!!


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