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A short piece about the harsh reality of being a dreamer.





2 months ago Malvika Rk said:

Just wow! I loved the way you displayed the harsh reality of dreaming into such smooth and beautiful writing, almost poetically! Really pushed me at the edge of my seat. I can totally relate with the contents as I also am a daydreamer and a high school student stuck up in the middle of questionable career choices that my parents are forcing upon me.

It's short and sweet that it's over even before you realize it.I'm glad I stumbled upon this book :D Keep up with the good work!

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2 months ago Hannah Rose said:

This was intriguing. The transition in time frames flowed well and it definitely gets the reader thinking. The mysterious ending was perfect and I love the reflection between the two father son scenes. I think it is a great piece of work.

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3 months ago Reiga said:

It's so sad, but a good piece of work. (in efforts to stay positive about this piece)^^ I think its okay to dream, as long as u realize your dream and if u don't do everything u can to acknowledge it, I don't know if u were ever worthy of it ;3 I hope u will be able to accomplish your dreams in life! Don't give up! Don't give in! It's time to make yourself feel great again!! Lol its a nice quote^^


3 months ago Mickey Mouse said:

I think you need some more paragraph breaks in here.



about 1 month ago twilight said:

okay, here I am to do my side of our swap

you might have beaten me at most depressing writing because god damn this is sad, but it is true. The writing itself was absolutely extraordinary, the imagery, the transition between characters perspectives, all of it was just perfect. And it's the perfect length too- it doesn't drag on, but it gives you enough time to take it in, get a box of tissues, and cry at how depressing but true the message is

keep up the amazing work dude :)

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3 months ago LeChevalierRoland said:

Wow. Just wow. That was painful and beautiful and I loved it! I really liked the introduction. Going straight into dialogue was a good choice. Here’s what I would suggest you work on: Check punctuation. There are places where there needs to be apostrophes. That’s the main punctuation issue I saw. Also, check the sentences and make sure they all make grammatical sentence. I saw a run-on or two in there. Lastly, don’t get so caught up in the father’s reasoning for telling them not to dream that the narration is completely lost. Overall, I thought this was a great piece. It made me very sad, but I also completely understood that point of view. I think this is very relatable and I applaud you for tackling such a dreary reality. Good job!