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3 months ago Jalen Young said:

I liked the exploration of the struggle of power aspect of a relationship in this piece. I don't think it is a concept that is usually explored. I found this to be very unique, refreshing, and interesting. The imagery wasn't overly descriptive or lacking; it was just right. Keep up the good work. I hope I will one day have published the insane number of pieces that you have on this site. You're a writing machine!

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3 months ago Reiga said:

OMG, while reading this my feels were being played with, now I kinda feel sad, but that's because your writing is so good! The detailed description, how the character is feeling, while reading this poem I couldn't help but think this really is true^^ I also like the way you worded your comments on the heart^^ This poem(u didn't call it a poem but it seems like it to me) is really great and is beautifully written! The only problem I found was when u put hold instead of held, besides that this poem is great! I would have reviewed it but I didn't really have anything to make 'could have been better' points on^^ This poem was truly great! Keep up the good work!


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3 months ago Carson Sandell said:

Honestly I can't find anything to critique it's overwhelmingly well written. The word choice and the writing really struck a nerve. I usually don't get emotional reading pieces, but this was different. You made me shed a tear so thank you for that revelation. Overall the piece is perfect. Great Job.