Wentown 502

Wentown 502

1 chapter / 1052 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Wentown 502 is a small, hidden house that consists of a very mysterious background. Family after family have moved in, but they all seem to leave right away they get an obscure dream. Is the dream really as spooky as they make it sound? Or is there a deep story behind it?



about 1 month ago Elizabeth Beserra said:

I love the story's plot. it also has very good details


about 1 month ago Aiden Alvarado said:

The story had a great plot and good twist


about 1 month ago Alma Martinez said:

Loved this. The built up suspense leading up to ending had me deep into your story.


about 1 month ago Julio Olivares said:

Great story


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