Words of a Dreamer

Words of a Dreamer

16 chapters / 570 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Poetry from the mind of a dreamer.





9 days ago Iasa Dian Esperanza said:

I Am a dreamer and I want to tell ALL those who dream of what they truly want and truly desire then simply go after all of your dreams and don't let yourself and absolutely nobody and nothing else hold you back because ALL of us no matter great or small we ALL have what IT takes to succeed and don't lose hope because you and everyone out there you are ALL worth it! Keep on going because IF you don't you will regret it someday down the road of the life that ALL of us deserve.


3 months ago L.Greene said:

This is amazing you added so much emotion.


Brown haired blue eyed

2 months ago LeChevalierRoland said:

That was short and sweet. I feel like you could definitely expand this idea, but it feels very final as is. I felt like it didn’t flow super well between lines 2 and 3. They felt very choppy and like you were reading a list. However, I think that it was very appropriate that the dreamers home is among the stars.


3 months ago Malvika Rk said:

Short, sweet and emotional. I'd love to hear more from this book (: