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This is my initiation piece for the Silver Society, a task in which I had to tell an entire story from beginning to end in less than one hundred words. I know, I know...romance is not my thing, but I had to think fast for this one. It won't be up here long, probably only as long as Initiation, really. Hope whoever reads it enjoys anyway. ;)





2 months ago Lauren Fricke said:

Hello! I'm here for your prize in FFC.

This piece caught my eye- it is quite the task to take on, and I think you've accomplished it beautifully. While I do feel it is a tad cliché, the brevity of it plays nicely and the piece is not overdone. For not being much of a romance writer, bravo!

My only suggestion would be to play around with capitalization. Not every line has to start with a capital letter; actually, using such a tool sparingly can emphasize specific places when it is utilized. Just something to think about!

Congrats on your win in FFC, and thank you for always being active. I hope to see you again on Underlined or elsewhere!


3 months ago Ysabelle Lianne said:

Wow. This is so deep and meaningful, even though it's just short. I loved it!


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