The Profession

The Profession

3 chapters / 4608 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


If you see the world truthfully, then what would you do about it?

A possible story I may or may not continue. -writer


Writing, Horror, Thriller



2 months ago Alecia Walls said:

I only got to read the first chapter but wow....I really got to see into the reasoning behind what he does, but I wonder if he realizes he's feeding into the same monstrous world he supposedly is helping these people forget. Also I agree and disagree with his ideas on the ways of the world, but no matter it was a great stary


2 months ago L U N A said:

Wow! I only got to read the first chapter due to time, but I really liked it. It really conveyed the narrator's views of today's world, which I totally agree on. I'm really interested to see who the narrator's next "victim" will be and why he chooses who he chooses. Keep up the good work!

Red hart

2 months ago Rachel D. said:

I read the first chapter and I liked that the overall voice was matter of fact about how they see life. Very good!



2 months ago A.G. Wade said:

I must say, you had me hooked at the first paragraph. A lovely piece of philosophical truth - a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.

Wow, good to know someone else sees our military in much the same way. Kudos on making this so captivating - every sentence made my eyes hungry for the next.

Blimey, you haven't been spying on me lately, have you? Seriously - you describe what society labels as 'depression' so accurately... (unfortunately we all know 'depression' is merely a term for "I know everything's screwed up and I can't really do much about it")

*side note, 'twenty's' should be 'twenties.'

....well THAT escalated quickly. But I'm glad you killed Kieth. Ugh. I really hope you decide to continue this. It has the potential to be a masterpiece.

~ A.G.

Me silly hat

2 months ago Hannah Rose said:

First off, you have done a good job at creating an interesting motive behind your characters killings. I would suggest cleaning up the exact motive of this characters actions though. Does he kill because the world is horrible and there is no hope, or because his killing is the hope to create a better world?

You have thoroughly explained the characters own thoughts about the world, but perhaps it would move the story along if your character's views came out through the action of the story instead of all at one in the beginning.

All in all, however, the character does intrigue the reader in the first chapter.

The first sentence of the second chapter is a bit confusing. Maybe switch around the wording and say "my home for this venture".

The second chapter as a whole was more action packed and we got to see the character more deeply. His calm demeanor is a great addition to his personality. He can prepare to kill and still sleep soundly. It further displays the contradiction in the character personality with his resolve to kill and desire to stop evil.

I'm interested to see where this story will go. Will the character see any long term benefits or detriments through his actions? How will it affect those around him?