Stronger than Before

Stronger than Before

3 chapters / 215 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Writing, Poetry, Serial




almost 5 years ago RiKay said:

This is awesome! Love it! If you would please read some of my poems and give me feedback that'd be greatly appreciated! :)


about 6 years ago Fiona MB said:

@Dawn aww thanks!

Me i guess

about 6 years ago Dawn Fortari said:

WOW!!! I've been having a bad day and that just made me feel 100000000000X better, thanks!


over 6 years ago Miah said:

Whoa. What an awesome piece. You not only have great imagery but also good grammer; I didn't see any mistakes. My FAV sentences were "past clings to present, light clings to dark". WONDERFUl job. XD



almost 7 years ago Alex Sharms said:

Fiona, I love this! The imagery and description was impecable. You are a fantastic writer. I love how in such a short poem you fit in sooooo much detail. GREAT!!! ~Alex


almost 7 years ago Oliver said:

I liked this, and your descriptions summoned up various sensations for me. I'm still not positive about its meaning, but meaning isn't always the priority when it comes to poetry, so I understand. I though the first line seemed out of place, like you just kind of wanted to say "wings are ripped from butterflies you have caught" but didn't have anywhere to put it. Also, there shouldn't be a semicolon at the end of the second to last line, or any punctuation at all for that matter. And I think you want to say "than" rather than "that" in the last line. Solid job overall.