8 chapters / 31994 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


Jamie is a junior in high school. (Not a fun time for most)His world is turned upside down, when he meets Laurel, also a junior. As their stories collide they each discover new parts of themselves as they also have to shift through grips of love, magic, and disaster. Bringing the question, what lies in tomorrow, what lies in family, and how do you fight through it all while still trying to find and fight the balance of your own....Instinct.


Action, Fantasy, Romance



almost 5 years ago Rose said:

I've only read a bit, but so far so good! No, so far so GREAT. This is really well done. Every detail seems very real to me, and I find it easy read due to the fact that your words flow together so nicely. You hooked me right from the start, which is great. Typically you need to have that hook in a novel or else most mainstream readers will put it down. Great job, and maybe in a week or two when I have more time I will read more.

Sam_0063 square

almost 6 years ago B. D. Legan said:

Really great so far! I've read four chapters so far. Hopefully I'll be back to read the rest, soon. :) There were a few typos and things. In chapter three (I think it was three) you misspelled "restaurant". Really intriguing. I can't wait to read more. :D -B.

White rose

over 6 years ago Amy Grace Pointer said:

You have some serious talent ^.^ I love your writing style, your vivid descriptions and the flow of the words, you really drew me into the story, and honestly, I think I'm hooked, keep up the good work :)


over 6 years ago Eldunayri said:

This is really good, I like it alot. It might have been better to post it in chunks if you want more reads (most Figgies don't like reading things over an hour long) and if you had done it in pieces, then you would have gotten more publicity/ easier swaps (I made that mistake too ;) ). I love your descriptions of everything, its just so engaging. I wish you luck, and welcome to Figment :D


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