Though Footprints

Though Footprints

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*Full title: Though Footprints (Only Last for So Long)*


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over 3 years ago Coldwelth said:

This poem painted more of a lighter portrait of winter than I am used to. Somewhere it's innocence verged from having a sense of danger and adventure to having a sense of loss. That being so, it didn't pang my heart with sadness or nihility, or some sense of bitterness that most things I read which involve winter do. I loved you childish yet wonderfully creative and advanced descriptions. They were amazingly unique. I especially loved your descriptions of elixirs and leaves. :)

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about 6 years ago Celene Olson said:

That was beautifully written. the Imagery is amazing. Such a poet are you. :)


about 6 years ago Dylan Harbison said:

Really, really pretty! It reminds me of e. e. cummings a litte bit actually. And that's a good thing. The whimsical words. The nonsensical aspect that actually made a lot of sense. It was all lovely. Anyway, it was a good concept and pretty well executed.


about 6 years ago No One in Particular said:

Touching. This was . . . Wow - oh, that's what I should do, isn't it?


L.j. smith

over 6 years ago L. J. Smith said:

This is a wonderfully evocative poem. I must confess that it brought tears to my eyes, and that I shared it with several friends, who were equally moved. Ms. Zhao, you are a true poet and I am very eager to read anything else you've written. Though Footprints is exquisite, chilling, haunting, and lyrical. Brava!

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over 6 years ago Danie Grace said:

The diction and flow of this is amazing! I love the ending stanza. You capture the bitterness and sweetness so well together. No critiques here! :)