11 chapters / 3217 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


Alex, a thirteen year old poet, has weird dreams every once in a while about an odd woman. She thinks she is a normal girl, but then meets a shocking discovery once she finds out her true identity...

Spades, a psychotic murderer, is going through internal conflict and the pressure is driving her to insanity. She is known far and wide as the most wanted criminal on Earth. All she wants to do is break free from this hellhole of her mind, and find out who she truly is. Will her dreams come true before the police find her?

Casdin, an Android, and the CEO of the company IBIS, wants nothing better than to find Dorian, a member of her mutant vampire army. Unfortunately, Dorian was tranquilized, and she doesn't even REMEMBER Casdin. Will Casdin ever see her little Dorian again?


Action, Drama


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