World on Fire

World on Fire

1 chapter / 74 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Writing, Poetry



2 months ago Christy Andrews said:

Beautifully written!!! I loved it. You have such a talent for poetry. The only thing that I could think of to improve your writing is more detail to create a picture in the readers head, or to make the reader really feel what you feel.


2 months ago CountryGal said:

Oh my lord have mercy I love it! Awesomeness has set in! XD


2 months ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Oohh! I love it! Great job :)


2 months ago Jillian Weiss said:

Beautifully written! I enjoyed this. You have a knack for poetry. Could you please take a look at my book Father I love you in return? And let me know what you think of the first three chapters. Thank you!


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