My Testimony

My Testimony

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My story of who I am today. You should've seen me yesterday who I was before the change.


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22 days ago James Cyril said:

Hi buddy!!! Though this testimony of yours was one of its kind (& can't be compared to your autobiography since it is a part of it) but still I felt this was much better than "Thousand Stories Untold".


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16 days ago Chelsea Waters said:

Wow, this is such a powerful, touching story. This story really touched my heart. I love the way that you describe all of those dark days, the sorrow, the bitterness. I know that feeling, I really do. My grandmother died a few years ago as well, and I've been diagnosed with PTSD and taken intense counciling because I was so shocked and hurt. The style really captures me. I love the way that you capture so well the emotion of it, the darkness, and the pain in a facinating format. Well done, Conner. :)