Meek and Wild

Meek and Wild

7 chapters / 8451 words

Approximately 42 minutes to read


Zaria is an outsider. Afraid, lonely, weak, meek and scared. Essie is not.



11 days ago Klaudija Tyson said:

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18 days ago Anna Browne said:

Really intriguing and well-written. xx


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8 days ago Kristal Daniels said:

Very well written. I liked there was a good balance between dialogue and description. Word choice was well choose and the characters are well developed. The only thing I can suggest for you is to possibly do a more detailed description. I use the method of "Show Don't Tell" type thing. Showing what they look like vs. telling them. But over all it is a really well done piece! keep it up.

In regards to the swap I am willing to do it but right now I am currently writing a piece just not ready to publish yet, but I will let you know when it's ready for viewing.