The Human Currency

The Human Currency

1 chapter / 1179 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


A little story I put together for practice with plot devices, the dialogue is French, but not that complex, Google translate will suffice or otherwise you can read the translation at the bottom of this box. It is about an old man recounting an episode from his youth, one perhaps marked by something sinister.

The dialogue, in order of appearance, is translated thusly:

"The time... have we finished?"
"Yes, we have, but what of the last of them?
"Soon. Don't worry - the old ladies will bring her."
"I need her here before-"
"You will have her."

"How are you, sir?"
"I'm well, thanks, and you? And your granddaughter?"
"We're fine, thank you. Do you know, where is the market?"

sieste means nap
salut and bonjour are both greetings, salut less formal
pour les enfants means for the children
Marché des Enfants Rouges translates to market of the red children

By the way, the cover photo is Hans Grundig's "In Front of the Gate", as featured in the Nazi Degenerate Art Exhibition of mid- to late-1937.


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