Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

1 chapter / 387 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read




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9 days ago Shayla Williams said:

Spectacular description! When describing the dress I could really picture the designs and patterns very well as if I was there. I like how you didn't tell that it was at wedding but with so much description there was no need to. I like how the woman's emotion state wasn't the normal happy, excited but in fact nervous. I would felt like it suited the rest of the story very well for her to be nervous. You could have add more detail about the brides mates and the maid of honor to help us understand what the reasoning for her looking soo upset instead of happy on such a special day. But I also like how you didn't get carried away with giving details about others because a wedding is mostly supposed to be about the bride anyway. This was very well written and I Love your descripting skills!


9 days ago Landon said:

Your description of detail is really well written. The way you describe the soft bristles across her face, It's almost as if the reader can feel it as well. I also like how it is her wedding day and everyone is excited except for her. It makes you wonder why she isn't happy. is it an arranged marriage? does she love someone else? is she being forced to marry him? The only other comment I have is that I wish I had some description of the other bridesmaids in the room. All we get is that they are excited for her. I feel like this would be a really good piece to expand on and continue writing, I really want to know the rest of the story. Also, you have a really good writing style.