Mind Games: Intuition

Mind Games: Intuition

6 chapters / 8222 words

Approximately 41 minutes to read


Katherine Levesque has been taken in by a secret organization that is only known to the governement. She has nothing to complain about, but when she gets an assigment that goes against her employers she begins to get unsure of herself and her closest allies. When the mission ends up taking her accross canada and farther she makes many life changing discoveries about her parents, and company.


Action, Novel, Serial



over 5 years ago Monika said:

Wow! Really nice! Great job.


over 5 years ago MelWrites845 said:

This is really well written:D I didnt read it all, but what i did i loved! great suspense factor and great detail! well done!


over 5 years ago Cole said:

Oh wow! I love this! Great job!! :D


over 5 years ago Selina freakin Falcon said:

Dang, this was incredible! Kept me interested, definitely. Amazing job!


Hatter's hat

over 5 years ago MCT said:

This is interesting. I liked it. I only did read the first two chapters, and a bit of the third. If I have time, I might come back and finish this. You have a nice way of writing and saying what needs to be said, but just remember that the reader needs to know what you mean as well. It could not hurt in a few instances to be a tad more specific. But! Do not get me wrong. That is just me being super super picky. THis was quite good, and entertaining to read. :) Just a few more notes/suggestions. Only for the prologue or whatever you want to call it. Do with them what you will. Chapter 1 (Prologue or whatever) -“Eventually I must have passed out or something because i dont remember anything, it was even less than a blurr, until I woke up in an office room.” Capitalize the I, add an apostrophe after the n and before the t in don’t, and remove one r from the word blur. -“He had a bit of peach fuzz, must have been atleast thirty.” Space between at and least. -“Next to him a boy.” I would say next to him was a boy. Makes the sentence flow smoother. -“Couldn’t have been more than two years older than me.” Specify who could not have been more than two years older than you. “He couldn’t have been…yada yada yada”. Again, nice job. Keep going with this :)


about 6 years ago Zaeem Umar said:

you told me to read chapter 8 and i read till chapter 9 you really did a great job with this story and any advice would be to keep going and i think you should get an agent to look at your work it will cost money but i am positive you should get it published and 1 more thing keep me updated :) i want to read the rest :)