This is a tail not a tale

This is a tail not a tale

1 chapter / 84 words

Approximately half a minute to read


this is a tail, NOT a tale! have fun reading


Comedy, Poetry




almost 4 years ago Abigail said:

That was cool! Very creative.


over 4 years ago Daniella Serra said:

Thumbs up for tails, tales, pale people and pails!!!

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over 5 years ago Rachel Felder said:

Very clever, I see what you did there ;P


over 5 years ago Jaia Lawrence said:

Woah! LOLOL that made me laugh... "all humans turn quite pail. They try to bash it with a pail" HAHAHA. Nice job :)



almost 5 years ago Xanzi said:

Oh my goodness......I'm dying here, this cutenes was pricelezz XDDD too good XD

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almost 6 years ago Salome' Byrd said:

This is really cute and funny! The structure wavers in some parts, the rhythm getting thrown off by words that just don't want to be where they are, but the effect of comedy and cuteness really works. I definitely like it! ^_^