The Brightest Witch of Her Age

The Brightest Witch of Her Age

1 chapter / 698 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


They all knew she would be great, but none could suspect her impact.

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almost 4 years ago Griffin Raynor said:

This is great, and very well written. I feel as though Ron and Hermione are OOC, not only because I ship them, but because I have an understanding of their characters that does not quite allow me to believe that they would enter into this situation. I think it more likely that she would have refused to marry him, knowing she didn't love him. Of course, they might have slept together without any thought of commitment, and therefore she could've become pregnant, which might motivate her to marry him. I think their relationship with each other and his relationship with Lavender could be believed with more detail.

Instead of "that's what Ron had said and Molly...and the Ministry...", consider "that's what Ron and Molly and the Ministry had said" or some other alternative that's not as awkward.

Another thing to consider: Would Ron really try to keep her if he knew she didn't want to stay? I sincerely doubt it.

I like how important her children are to her. I like her love for Harry. I like how she decides to do what's best for her (although, the children are to be considered. Could the parents reconcile? I think so.) I like how you have her basically writing what we call the Harry Potter books (although she'll never be able to know everything that Rowling told us within those seven). I like how you are not afraid of an unconventional Harry Potter story. Good job :)


over 4 years ago Sublime Somers said:

I thought this was brilliant - a stark contrast to the writings of Rowling, darker, but all the same, written from a point of view that had me sold on the idea that Hermione was indeed unhappily married, etc. Heartbreaking as well, as much as I loved this piece of writing it's sad. I'm not usually a sucker for happy endings but HP is an exception. This, though, was somehow very convincing and believable, possibly even more so than the conclusion of the real series. This fantasy-based but it has such an interesting twist of real-life problems. Sad, but true.

And beautifully written. Nice work!