Fighting for a Dream

Fighting for a Dream

1 chapter / 1118 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Rei, since young has always had a dream of becoming a world-class motor racer. However after his father's fatal accident on the racetracks, his family strongly oppose to his dream. With the help of old connections and a journal his father left behind he strives in every way possible to make his dream come true.

Ashley has a dream of becoming a professional photographer. But knowing her single-mother's troubles to raise her and her brother, she doesn't mention her dreams to her. Instead, she prepares to apply to law school as her mother had always hopped.

When Rei and Ashley meet they are unknowingly drawn to each other. As their feelings for each other grow, they run the risk of being brutally separated. Will their relationship be accepted? And will they be able to help each other follow their dreams?


Please keep in mind that this is still a first draft!

Also, Sorry for the lack of updates! It's because I'm concentrating on another novel currently, and I consider this more as a side project; for when I need to distance myself from the other one a little. So please bear with me, and I'll (hopefully) be updtaing soon! :)


Romance, Sports, Novel



over 5 years ago Jacelyn Harper said:

Wow. Writing the story through the eyes of a young boy really gave the writing a fresh perspective. I like the way you only hinted at his dreams, maybe they will come true one day? The whole father/uncle thing is another plot altogether and I'm excited to see how it will end. Please write more soon!


over 5 years ago Mayra said:

I enjoyed reading your first chapter of your writing. You should continue on writing more about it. I read the description and i got into just wish it would of been the whole writing. The only thing that i had a problem with is that i got confuse on the uncle and dad part. Some little advice just try to make it clear. Overall it was a good start.

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over 5 years ago Tina Hurlburt said:

I enjoyed that very much! I would love to read more!


almost 6 years ago RandeeFellows(: said:

That is a really good piece! you should continue you writting!!!


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2 months ago The_Lemon_TypeWriter said:


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