The Stolen Staff

The Stolen Staff

1 chapter / 1782 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


A detective mystery about an age- old golden staff which is stolen, and ultimately leaves the detective in a position where he can't get it back to the original owner... or will he??



over 5 years ago Lilian Reyes said:

Would you mind reading My Second Day 1.... its for a contest... If you like it please don't hesitate in hearting it thankyou


over 5 years ago Dynamo said:

Ummm....I am a bit confused, there are a few mistakes you ought to look up, but on the whole, it was nice and jerky.


over 5 years ago Namesake said:

I don't know... it's kind of cliche. Dark dreary nights, chloroform, etc. Try not to overuse the things you hear about a lot.


almost 6 years ago Avengee said:

Hillarious! I just skim read, but will come back for a detailed read. So is it the end???



about 5 years ago Gracie Rivera said:

cool!!! ;-)


about 7 years ago Ariel Burson said:

Neat idea. I loved the beginning, it really pulled me in and got me interested right off the bat. Nicely done. What I see critique-wise is the point of view you're writing from...I was a little confused because you had me jumping between shots so frequently. I'd suggest settling on a specific person to tell the scene from, possibly the thief? Overall, I enjoyed it. :)